"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible."


I'm sure when you were a kid you had big dreams right? Our dreams weren't just huge, they were a little crazy. I personally wanted to be the first ballerina in space, but was definitely still keeping the side hustle as Disney princess a viable option for a career choice. We talked big and dreamed bigger, because we never imagined that there would be anything in our way. Eventually, we grew up and chose more realistic options for future careers (I'm totally still working toward that whole Disney princess thing though!)

Trying to run your business without a plan is like trying to be the first ballerina in space (fun fact: I think Mae Jemison actually accomplished that in 1992!). I'm not saying it definitely won't work, but it will definitely be more of a struggle, and you'll find yourself trying to do too much, work too hard, and end up with goals you only half accomplished and a burnout that makes you want to call it quits.

That's why you NEED to be setting goals. And not just goals, but goals with an action plan attached to them.

Would it help if you had a guide that gave you all the tips you needed on how to set intentional, achievable goals and then gave you a workbook that helped you map out your goals, break them down, and figure out an action plan? Oh, it would?

Then girl, I've got just the thing