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well hi there!

I'm Hayley Luckadoo.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and big dreamer who took a hobby business born out of a college dorm room and turned it into a successful multi-business empire. I run on hard work and Dr. Pepper, and if it comes in pink you better believe I want it. Now I spend my days dreaming up new ways to help creatives everywhere grow their business productively and profitably.


I was definitely a logistics-minded child. I organized everything, things have always been straight and color-coded, and I was never lacking creativity. I started planning parties and formals in college, and then hit that weird age where everyone I knew started to get married, so it wasn't long afterward that my wedding planning business, Fairytale Pursuits, was born out of a dorm room, and has continued to grow ever since. I found something I was great at, and enjoyed it even more when I got to plan my own wedding, and married my sweet husband, Luke, in January of 2016.

Less than two years later, I was helping some fellow pros out with the admin side of their businesses, and they told me I had a talent for it. I told Luke what I wanted to do, and in no time, we had a second business. Peonies on the Port, our virtual assistant company, was more successful than we could have ever imagined, and is our most profitable business to date. Since then, we've accumulated a third(ahh!!) business - a local vendor association in our city, Wilmington Weddings. These 3 businesses sparked something else in me though - something I needed to create. That's why...


i'll be there for you!


If you didn't understand that reference, then we can't be FRIENDS (see what I did there?!) - just kidding, but you should definitely go check out "The One With The Prom Video!"

That may have been a cute Friends reference, but the phrase resonates with what I hope you get from being on my site. I began doing small strategy sessions with some of my virtual assistant clients, and the more I got to work with fellow creatives, the more I found my passion. I love helping other entrepreneurs grow their business and learn how to be productive and profitable. I started Hayley Luckadoo so that I could bring you the resources and coaching that you need to be successful, but also to give you someone who's in your corner. Someone who has walked where you're walking, knows the struggles you're facing, and has worked their way up to build a successful biz empire. As a fellow boss babe running solely on hard work and Dr. Pepper, and working out of the most pink office you've ever seen, I want to be one to tell you that you can take that next step, reach that goal, and build your empire, and if I can be a part of your success story, then that makes you a big part of mine.


the rest of the team


Where are we headed next?


Answer: Minneapolis!

I’ll be headed to the RISE Conference in Minneapolis, MN in June!

Follow along on Insta for all the behind the scenes of our travels! In the mean time, check out the blog post from our trip to Germany!