meet luke



Although he enjoys his job as a landscaper, Luke is currently building up his side hustle as an Instagram husband. His related field skills include a love of travel, an abundance of FRIENDS references to keep his subject smiling long enough to get the perfect Instagram photo, and his level of commitment to his current place of employment at Hayley Luckadoo. He has held past employment as an Expert Netflix Viewer, Dedicated NC State Supporter, Christmas Light Hanging Specialist, and Alcohol Connoisseur. Additional skills include fathering a furbaby, nerdy wit and sarcasm, and the mastery of cooking the perfect steak. Long term goals include opening his own distillery while continuing to work full-time with Hayley Luckadoo.



  • The wifey
  • Fishing, camping...pretty much anything outdoors
  • Almost any Clint Eastwood movie
  • Garth Brooks


  • Carrots
  • Being tickled
  • Crowds
  • Getting sleepy