10 Things You Have To See When You Travel To Germany


If you keep up with us regularly or on Instagram, you know that Luke and I made our way to Germany a few weeks ago, and it was AMAZING. We did a 10 day trip, and traveled to Berlin and Munich and then a quick detour over to Vienna, Austria.

We saw so many incredible buildings (seriously the architecture in Europe is amazing!), walked SO much, and Luke drank plenty of beer. Overall, it was an unforgettable trip, but there were a few things that really stuck out to us, and that we think you HAVE to do if you find yourself in the area!


Walk along the still-standing part of the Berlin Wall.

While it's definitely a high-traffic area for tourists, it's something you don't want to miss. The wall is painted in sections by artists from all around the world. Some murals tell a story, some make a statement, and some are just funny, but they're all massive works of art, and walking along side it is definitely a humbling experience.


Get a 360-degree view of Berlin in the sky-high Fernsehturm (TV) Tower.

So the ticket is a little pricey (it was $32 USD when we went), but it's definitely worth it. Go early in the morning and buy your tickets so that you can come back at your tour time. They'll take you up in the tower, and you can check out Berlin for as far you can see in every direction and read about the history of every major landmark in sight.


Schedule brewery tours.

Luke loves beer, and was super excited about all the tastings that came along with the tours. I don't drink beer, but the tours were so much fun, and it was such a cool experience. No matter which category you fall into, it's highly recommended. Every major brewery is housed in Germany, and we toured tons of them. They're all different, and you won't regret doing as many of them as you can.


Walk from Karlsplatz to Mariensplatz in Munich.

This was definitely the best walk we took. There are so many sites, shops, and cafes to see on this one street, and it's even prettier at night. We spent an entire day just on this walk because there's that much to see. Mariensplatz was definitely where we spent the most time in Munich, and it's where the next item on the list is located, too.

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Climb up the tower in Munich's New Town Hall.

This was my personal favorite throughout the whole trip. We saw sky level views of the city in all 3 places, but Munich has an unbeatable Old World charm. The view from the tower is incredible and you can see the Alps in the distance. I think half of the pictures from our trip were from this one spot, so you'll definitely want to have your camera ready.


Ride the train through the Alps.

One of the coolest parts of our trip was completely unexpected. We booked a train to get from Munich to Vienna, but hadn't considered that we'd be riding it right through the Alps. It was a beautiful surprise when we glanced out the window and the massive mountain views were literally right there. It's definitely something that pictures don't do justice.


Make time to walk around all the palace grounds.

All of them! We checked out the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich and the Schönbrunn and Hofburg Imperial Palaces in Vienna and both were incredible. You should make time to check out all of the palaces and castles you can and explore the grounds around them too. We climbed the hill in the backyard of the Schönbrunn and quickly found out that you can see ALL of Vienna from the top.


Have lunch at Soprano in Vienna.

There are hundreds of amazing places to eat in Europe, but Soprano was definitely a memorable one for us. You can sit inside or on the street (which we opted for since the weather was incredible) and it has a semi-upscale feel with fair prices, and we ended up ordering 4 or 5 different things on the menu, including sausages and a salami pizza, all of which exceeded expectations.


Ride the ferris wheel at Prater amusement park in Vienna.

This was so cool! If you want to let your inner child have some fun, the amusement park is pretty huge, with enough rides and carnival-style games to have you spending the whole day there. There's no fee to get into the park - you just buy tickets for the rides you want to do. The park actually has the tallest exterior ferris wheel in the world, and needless to say you can see all of Vienna from the top.


Just walk around...everywhere.

I wish we had tracked how many miles we walked, because we walked everywhere. That, to me, is the best part of Europe though. When you just walk, you find so many things you wouldn't have found on a tourist attraction list. We found parks, fountains, food stands, incredible architecture, shops, and buildings. While the metro system there is wonderful, you should definitely pack your tennis shoes and pray for good weather!

In case you haven't noticed, we absolutely loved our trip to Germany, and highly recommend it! If you find yourself in the area, definitely check these spots out, and feel free to comment if you're looking for more recommendations!


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