30 Blog Post Ideas for Wedding Professionals


Blogging. The necessary evil of your business.

Most people don't really enjoy it (well, except me!), but it's super beneficial to your biz. It's a huge SEO booster since you're putting fresh, new content out regularly, and it gives you a great chance to show your value to your readers.

Sometimes, though, it's really hard to come up with something to blog about, especially when you're in such a specific industry.

That's why I'm so excited to give you this list that's guaranteed to have your couples reading along! So without further introduction, here's my list of 30 great blog topics for wedding pros to write about.

30 Blog Post Ideas For Wedding Pros

1. Current wedding trends

2. Tips for choosing your (insert a type of wedding vendor)

3. Resources to help with planning

4. How to create a wedding checklist

5. How to create a wedding budget

6. A guide to tipping your vendors

7. Tips on creating a seating chart

8. Etiquette for wedding invitations

9. Date night ideas during engagement

10. Top 10 lists (best honeymoon locations, first dance songs - the sky is the limit!)

11. Unique wedding favor ideas

12. Pack list for wedding day

13. Fun guest book ideas

14. Open vs Cash vs Host bar

15. Ways to use social media in your wedding


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16. What to do first after you get engaged

17. Wedding websites - do you need one and what are the options?

18. Ways to honor loved ones that have passed away

19. Explain wedding terms (many are engaged for the first time and don't know all the terms)

20. Explain some wedding traditions and how they came to be

21. Tips for choosing bridal party attire

22. Discuss the pros of working with a professional instead of an amateur/family member

23. Wedding gowns explained

24. Share some behind the scenes

25. Tips for choosing a wedding venue.

26. Post a roundup (small bits from a certain type of vendor - planners, photographers, etc. - in their area of expertise)

27. Share a wedding that you've done

28. Spotlight a vendor in your area

29. Feature another vendor for a guest post

30. Share cheat sheets (beverage calculators, guides to wedding cake sizes, etc.)

I hope this gave you plenty of material for a while! Let me know your favorite blog topic in the comments!


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