6 Lies Women In Business Need To Stop Believing


Can I tell you something I absolutely LOVE to see?

Other women absolutely rocking everything they do. I love talking with friends and colleagues, scrolling through my Insta feed, or coaching a new client, and constantly seeing these beautiful, empowered women creating the best possible life for themselves.

What I hate to see is the incredible, strong women I know believing the lies that society, social media, and sometimes their own mind is telling them. Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking these horrible things, that it actually keeps us from moving forward, growing, and accomplishing the goals we've set out to.

If you're a woman in business (or a woman doing anything for that matter), you have to change the narrative in your own mind. You have to stop believing these 6 lies, and start creating a mindset of positivity, motivation, and success.

6 Lies Women In Business Need To Stop Believing

You have to stop believing...

1. That you have to do everything.

If you have one thing that you absolutely love to do, then DO THAT!

Recently while chatting with a friend about all the things I'm doing, she mentioned to me (semi-jokingly) that I'm making her look bad.

It frustrated me, not because of what she said, but because she thought then what she was doing wasn't good enough because it's only one thing. If you have something you love and you're killing it in that space, then there's no reason that you need to be doing other things just because someone else is.

Stop comparing yourself to other women. Their journey isn't yours.

2. That you can't follow multiple passions.

On the flip side, is the lie that you can't do everything that you want to do. Realistically, you can't dedicate yourself to a million things at once. You'll be spread too thin and burnout fast.

BUT don't let yourself believe that you can't accomplish every realistic goal you set for yourself. If you put yourself in a mindset that you're able to do more, then you will.

That doesn't mean everything will come easily or naturally to you, but if you're willing to hustle and put in the work to accomplish multiple dreams, and you believe in yourself enough, then you'll do it.

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3. That you need to be into...

Yoga. CrossFit. Running. Essential oils. Whatever it is that it seems like everyone around you is doing.

Let's be very clear: there's is absolutely nothing wrong with ANY of these things. And if you love doing yoga, by all means, keep doing yoga!

Just don't feel like you have to be into something - that you have devote your time and energy into something - just because it seems like everyone around you is doing it.

Do your own thing. Forge your own path. Be the odd one out. Making yourself better = awesome. Becoming someone else in the process = absolutely not.

6 Lies Women In Business Need To Stop Believing

4. That there's only one way to do something.

Whatever you're doing, there's a million different ways to get it done. As entrepreneurs, sometimes we tend to be hard on ourselves when we feel like we aren't doing something perfectly. Then we tend to see someone else doing that same thing in a different way, and inevitably feel worse about it.

There is no right way to do anything. There are ways that work, but you can always find a new, and potentially better, way of making something happen.

This goes back to forging your own path. You don't have to do things the way everyone else does, just because they say so.

Being different is the way to stand out in a crowd, which will only help you succeed in the long run.

5. That "she" has it all figured out.

Whoever "she" is, whether it's just someone you follow on Instagram or someone you know in real life, she didn't start at the top. Odds are that she had plenty of long days, sleepless nights, tears, pep talks, and days she wanted to quit, just like you.

It's normal to crave what she has - the attention, the profit, the success - as long as you don't let it negatively impact your life or the way you treat her.

Don't let jealousy overcome you. Be proud for her of what she has created and let it be a reminder to you of where you're headed.

Be happy for everyone else, keep working hard, focus on making a positive impact on the world, and stop comparing your beginning to her middle. You'll get there.

6 Lies Women In Business Need To Stop Believing

And the biggest lie we keep believing:

6. That failure is the end of the road.

You will fail at something. It's inevitable, and a completely human thing to do. You can't be perfect at everything all the time.

Business, like anything else, required trial and error, hard work, and taking risks beyond what you ever thought you could.

And sometimes, those risks backfire.

You will fail, but failure is not the end. Failure can be an incredible, humbling experience if you'll allow it.

Failure is not the end of the road. It's the end of the lane. It means that it's time to turn on your signal, merge over, and speed back up.

We have to stop letting ourselves believe that we are not allowed to fail. It's only after risking failure that we can appreciate the success we created.

Ladies, if you're running a business (or if you're doing anything - I see you stay-at-home-moms, influencers, corporate gals trying to rock the side hustle) you have to start acknowledging how fully capable you are.

Start believing that you ARE good enough, that you CAN accomplish everything you want, and that you're made for so much MORE than where you're at right now.

We need to remind ourselves to stop believing these lies. And while you're at it, remind a fellow boss babe that she's awesome too.


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