Creating an Instagram Campaign with an Impact

Creating an Instagram Campaign with an Impact

If you've ever seen the hashtag #TheImperfectBoss then you probably know Ashley Beaudin. She founded a movement that's all about making imperfection the norm, and it has resulted in tons of successful Instagram campaigns, full of women sharing their stories and owning their imperfections.

Now Ashley's giving us her step-by-step advice on how you create a successful Instagram campaign, and why your message is the most important part of that campaign making an actual impact on its audience.


Ashley has always loved activism, and was always involved in supporting some kind of cause. She ended up going to school for human rights, with a plan to work in government or for a non-profit. She landed a job in the field she anticipated but just didn’t have the passion for it. While working a simple job for her uncle, she wrote a poem, and that poem sparked her idea for an online community. Within a few months, she started realizing all the possibilities and ways she could make an impact, and The Imperfect Boss movement was initiated. Ashley has been working full-time in her business ever since, and continues to empower women to love their imperfections and view them as normal.


It’s on two missions, really. First, to make imperfect normal, and second, to inspire women in confidence. It was born out of a real vision to show people that it’s normal to be imperfect despite what you see on social media. It aims to show those moments that no one talks about - the mistakes, the messes, and the failures - and show that they’re just a part of business and a part of life.


Step 1: Solidify what your message is. If you try to build a campaign that doesn’t have a solid message, it will struggle to succeed or gain the momentum that you want. Ashley truly believes that your message is the most important part of your campaign.

"The campaigns are just giving people the opportunity to experience your message."

Step 2: Come up with a campaign concept. How is your audience going to experience your message. Give the a very easy prompt to post about.

Step 3: Rally people to get involved. Ashley got influencers for all of her campaigns, and says it’s a huge part of why they were so successful. Influencers can take your message where you never thought it could go. There are tons of ways to get people excited about your message.

Bonus: Getting influencers on board all comes down to the pitch. You need to be convinced of your vision, and that it matters. Be so convinced of it that if someone comes back and says no, you would consider it their loss, not yours. Then make it super easy for them to participate!

Step 4: Launch it! It’s time to put your campaign out into the world.

Step 5: Leadership. If a campaign has done well, you’ll have a lot of addictive momentum and you’ll need to decide what to do with that energy. Consider having a Facebook group, hosting an event, or other options, but keep them involved!

Did Ashley touch your heart? She has always touched mine and been an inspiration to so many women, myself included. When it comes to making an impact, she knows her stuff, and if you haven’t joined before, you should absolutely participate on the next #TheImperfectBoss campaign!


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