Why You Should Be Giving Client Gifts And The Best Place To Get Them


Let’s talk about client gifts!

Maybe you send them, maybe you don’t, but odds are that you’ve thought about it or seen some conversations about gift ideas.

Client gifts are a nice gesture that you can do either after onboarding your clients, or after your completion of working together, to let them know that you appreciate them.

This is something you can do regardless of the industry that you’re in, because let’s face it, everyone loves to get a little gift!

Why You Should Be Giving Client Gifts And The Best Place To Get Them

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But are client gifts actually a good investment?

You bet! Here’s why:

1. You’re providing an above-and-beyond client experience.

Customer service is always important in any type of business, and sending a little something to let your clients know that you’re happy they booked you is just another way to provide excellent service.

2. It gives your clients another reason to get excited about working with you.

Obviously your clients booked you for a reason, which means they probably already like you or, at the very least, like your work. But everyone wants the clients that get so excited about your work that they can’t stop telling everyone they know about you.

Whether you’re looking for reviews, ratings, referrals, or just kind words about your services, these small gifts are just another way to make your clients feel like choosing to work with you was the best choice they could have made.

3. They don’t have to be expensive or extensive, and they’re a tax deduction.

Too often when people think of client gifts, they think they need to do something very fancy and put a lot of money into it. This just isn’t true. Even the smallest little gesture is a good one, especially if the gift was customized to the client in some way.

Not to mention, client gifts are a business expense, so this is absolutely something you can deduct on your taxes (just check with your accountant about the tax details)!

So now that you’re sold on the fact that you need to be treating your clients to a little something special, what should you send and where do you find the perfect items?

Easy. Greetabl.

Greetabl is THE go-to gift for clients. It’s an affordable, easy way to send your clients branded and customizable gifts that are perfect every single time.

These are great for almost any type of gifts, but it seems like they were made to be used for clients. The biggest reason why? It’s so simple to give each client a gift customized specifically for them, without having to think of ideas and shop around for something specific.

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Greetabl comes in a box, and it’s a card and gift all in one. The box unfolds to hold photos and a personalized message, and ends up revealing the perfectly curated gift inside.

This is a great company who believes that when a card isn’t enough, you shouldn’t have to empty your wallet for something worth giving. They provide high quality, beautiful packaging, and then provide a special collection of thoughtful gifts to choose from that your clients will absolutely love.

* Actual Greetabl product

* Actual Greetabl product

So, how does it work?

1. Choose your box. Scroll through the numerous patterns to find one that fits your branding or style.

2. Choose your gift. There are tons of fun items to choose from! From candles to soaps and keychains to snacks, you can easily find something you know each specific client will enjoy. You can even add confetti!

3. Add photos. You can add up to 3 photos to the box, and they’re perforated so your clients can save them. Use these for photos of your past work, something related to your branding, or even motivational quotes. Greetabl also has some cute stock photos to choose from if you can’t find something you like.

4. Personalize it even more. Add a message to your client to thank them for choosing to work with you. This is your chance to put into words how much you appreciate them.

5. Ship it directly to your client! You don’t even have to worry about assembly and packaging. Just have the Greetabl gift shipped directly to your client, and know that you gave them a fun surprise without having to go through any hassle.

When all is said and done, you’ll probably spend less than $30 on your Greetabl gift, making it the best affordable option that doesn’t actually seem cheap! Your clients will love it and so will your wallet!

So if you love making your clients feel special, and you’re ready to start sending the perfect client gifts, try Greetabl today!


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