Using your Circadian Rhythm to have better Time Management

Using your Circadian Rhythm to have better Time Management with Cristine Chen

Cristine Chen is an international trainer, TedX speaker, and writer, who uses her study of Psychology, and more specifically circadian rhythms, to help entrepreneurs manage their time and increase productivity. In this episode, she’s diving into her best tips on what your circadian rhythm is and how knowing it can help you create better time management for your business.


Cristine is an international trainer, speaker, and writer. She is certified by Google and has spoken at TedX France, Google Developers Group, and Women Tech Makers in Taiwan. She is an MA Psychology student at Pepperdine University, and before studying Psychology she was a tech entrepreneur.

She grew up in an entrepreneurial household watching her parents build their businesses. After watching her mother continue to burn herself out on working so hard, and drinking and smoking to keep up with the men in her field, Cristine decided to shift into the study of Psychology in order to bridge the gap between health and wealth, and ultimately began working in time management to help entrepreneurs better manage their time and avoid burnout.


Circadian rhythm is all about your body, how it regulates your sleep, and energy. An example is a scientist put a plant in a dark room to see if it was biologically predetermined to bloom even without sunlight. The plant did eventually bloom, proving that all living beings have a biological clock that they run on.

If you can figure out your body’s own circadian rhythm, you’ll know when you start to get tired, when you feel most energized, and even when you’re most productive, and you can use that information to better the use of your time and your work life.

If you know if you’re a morning bird, afternoon lark, or night owl, you can plan your day accordingly.


A little bit. Like many things in Psychology, it’s half genetic, half environment. You may get some of the genetic traits of your parents, but you will especially identify more with their rhythm if you grew up around them and in the environment that they created.

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The morning bird: who peaks between 4-5am and 8am, but lags a bit in the afternoon.

The afternoon lark: who peaks between 8am and 12pm, and is perfect for corporate jobs.

The night owl: who peaks in the afternoon, but will lag in the mornings.


During your peak hours - when your body functions at its best - is the best time to do excitatory work. Do the work that is the core of your business. For example, if you’re a marketer, you would want to do your Facebook ads, Instagram posts, etc. during your peak hours. During your down time, it’s best for you to focus on creative work and things that are less stressful and require your imagination. If you know your circadian rhythm, you can plan your schedule for your best times, and schedule meetings when your brain is doing its best work.

The key is to understand yourself to improve your business.

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