How to Create a Monthly Content Plan you'll actually stick to

How to Create a Monthly Content Plan you'll actually stick to with Hailey Dale

Most entrepreneurs struggle at some point with actually sticking to their marketing plans. In this episode, content strategist Hailey Dale is giving us her best tips and insight on how to create a monthly content plan and how to actually stick to that plan so that it works for your business.


Hailey started her business as a web designer after getting her Masters in Communications and working as a consultant for some big departments with their marketing strategies. She knew she wanted a creative outlet and something completely different from what she had been doing. She found herself writing solely about content strategy instead of web design, which was a sign to her that she should shift her business to her passion.

Hailey has been teaching and writing about content strategy and sales funnels for the last 4 years now, and also runs an agency where they actually build sales funnels for small businesses. She absolutely loves getting to help other business owners in this line of work, and creating content not only for herself but for others’ businesses as well.


No one is going to roll out brand new to their industry and start booking clients without having a way to get their message out there. We have this preconceived notion that content applies only to blogs, but your content is everything that you’re putting out there, from written blogs to video to podcasts and even your social media messages that you’re sharing.

Think of content as an umbrella for any way of getting your message out there.

Here’s where the monthly content plan comes in. It’s all about building up a body of work that represents the best of your ideas and processes so that you can attract leads that want to work with you if you’re a service-based business or build a community that wants to say yes when you’re ready to start selling your products to them. This is your tool for building that body of work, because it’s going to take consistency until you start to get some momentum going.


Monthly is definitely the sweet spot, because you want to choose one promo focus or one outcome that you want to drive people towards. You want to make sure you’re building up the momentum throughout the month to lead them toward something. Weekly would give your audience a bit of whiplash if you’re changing the focus that often. You could definitely try quarterly instead, but most entrepreneurs have several different goals they want to hit, so quarterly would be a little too drawn out.

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There are essentially 5 steps to creating a great monthly content plan.

Step 1: Look at your data and see what your numbers are telling you. What platforms or resources are working best for you? Those are the areas you’ll want to focus more on.

Step 2: Choose your promo focus for the month. All of your content should work together to build toward something. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a paid offer, but it should be something that’s going to help you grow your business.

Step 3: Identify the content pieces that you’ll need for the month. Basically, make a list of everything you need (ex: 4x blog post, 4x Facebook posts about that blog post). Attract, engage, and convert.

Step 4: Bring color to the list. You’ll want to do a topic brainstorm for the individual topics for those posts. You should be as generous as possible by giving great intros or how-to’s to lead them up to the sell.

Step 5: Bring all of those pieces together and get a calendar in front of you. Slot those pieces into the calendar so that you have a mapped out action plan to work from.

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