How to Embrace being a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

How to Embrace being a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur with D'Ana Joi Spencer

Society tells you to pick one thing, find your niche, and stay in your own lane, but maybe you feel a burning desire to start a second business, take on a new hobby, or try something different. In this episode, creativity coach D’Ana Joi is bringing awareness to why being multi-passionate is a gift, and telling us how you can use that gift to your advantage.


D’Ana Joi (who goes by Joi since the internet isn’t a fan of apostrophes!) is outgoing by default and has always been multi-passionate. As an only child with creative parents, she had a lot of time and encouragement to explore her own creativity. She writes and composes music and poetry, has her own blog, works in copywriting and email marketing, has built a Facebook community, and loves crafts, photography, and leaning into all of her different passions.

Joi felt like there were many years where being multi-passionate didn’t feel like a gift, and she wasn’t sure what to do with all of her talents. She ended up starting a blog - a choice that changed everything and set her on the path to encouraging other multi-passionates to pursue all of their gifts and passions and not just one.


Even if you’re doing multiple things, you can usually narrow down one sentence that’s a bite-size version of what you do that you can toss out at any time. But there’s something so powerful about embracing the “and.” Getting to where you can list everything you love to do confidently is so important, and letting go of the desire to keep other people comfortable is a huge part of that.

There’s no benefit to just sitting on your hands.

There are so many people with incredible gifts and talents, who aren’t using them because they feel like since they can’t pick one, they aren’t worthy. There aren’t enough people saying that it’s okay to have multiple passions. We need to stop hiding our gifts for the world and thinking something is wrong with us, and instead start creating more conversations and resources that celebrate being multi-passionate.


Your process is a part of your story, so you’re always going to have to work toward overcoming these struggles. One of the biggest dark sides of being multi-passionate is the concern with what to tell other people. We all have this inherent need to please people. So many people don’t know how to brand themselves, introduce themselves, or even run an Instagram account as a multi-passionate, because they’re afraid they’ll confuse people.

You are in service to nothing more than your own creativity.

Just be consistently inconsistent. You can post about and talk about a myriad of different content, as long as what you’re discussing is true to brand and not out of the norm for you. People will began to expect your content to be varied, and that’s okay. Pick the few pillars of your personality that you want to show and plan it out on the back end.

Another problem area is time management. In most cases, time management isn’t actually the problem - it’s project management. You need to remember that for every struggle there is a system. It’s time to start leaning on other systems outside of yourself (I personally love using Trello!) and find systems and workflows that help you condense the amount of work that you’re doing and create processes to help.

Feeling like you need to find a niche can be a dark side of being multi-passionate as well. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on a niche, and it is important to understand who you’re speaking to, but niching down too early seems to be a struggle for most. A great solution to this is the Fro-yo method.

When you go into a frozen yogurt shop, you grab a little cup, try a bunch of different flavors before deciding what you want, and then grab your big cup, usually getting more than one flavor or something with toppings. But in life, we’re expected to walk in, grab our big cup, pick one flavor with no toppings, and leave. You need to learn to stay in “little cup phase” and test out all the things your heart desires, before settling on one or multiple different things.

The last (and possibly biggest) problem is finding focus. It’s hard when you have multiple passions to focus on any one thing at a time. Start asking yourself deeper questions about why you want to focus and how focusing in on something is going to enhance your overall mission. Working on your time / project management and figuring out whether or not you have a niche will also help with your ability to focus on one thing at a time.


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