Pivot! How to find Career Fulfillment and handle Change

Pivot! How to find Career Fulfillment and handle Change with Julie Tobi

Julie Tobi is a life coach, but she focuses specifically on helping people pivot in their career and create more fulfillment in what they do. That's exactly what we're talking about in this episode, and I'm getting Julie's advice on what the steps for pivoting look like and what you can do to get more excited about your work.


Julie started in the career world the way she thought she was supposed to - by getting a 4-year degree and then a full-time job. She majored in Sociology, which she loved, and joined an undergrad research program. When she graduated, she felt like research was the only real skill she had, so she started on an academic research path and took the first job offered to her at the university she attended. She realized quickly that she needed more fulfillment. She started grad school for counseling but attended in the evenings so she could continue her full-time job during the day.

Julie earned her Master’s in Counseling, got married, loved planning her own wedding, and had her first baby shortly after. She became hyper aware of how her time was spent after her daughter was born, so she decided to start wedding planning. She loved being a planner and handling floral design for 5 seasons, but after having her second child, she missed the time with her family. She closed her company, and decided to pivot again when she realized she wanted to help people find fulfilling work. Since then she’s been working as a pivot and career fulfillment coach.


The number one thing is to have extreme, intense gratitude for the work. The parts that don’t feel fulfilling might be teaching you something or providing you with a skill that you’ll need later. Have gratitude for the experience of it and what it’s teaching you. There’s a way to find gratitude for almost anything in your career.

The second thing is a bit of a paradox, because while you want your career to be fulfilling, you also need to detach yourself from your career. You need to not identify with your career, and in turn feel fulfilled, whole, and complete with your life even if your career went away tomorrow.

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The very first step should be to consider why you want to pivot, and be mindful if there are things that you’re running away from. There’s a difference between knowing when a path of work truly isn’t fulfilling you anymore versus when you want to pivot because something makes you anxious or you hate confrontation with clients. It’s important because those are the things that are going to follow you.

Are you pivoting or are you running from something?


First think about what you want to pivot into. What’s your unapologetic dream career? Logically speaking, what do you want? Whatever the ideas are in your head from a logistical standpoint are (I want to work two days a week, I want to work from home, etc.), put those down on paper. Then do a similar exercise, but think about the actual content of the work (I’d love to get to be creative, do this particular line of work, work for this very specific person).

The next step is to test the waters, which will look different depending on the industry, if you want to be an entrepreneur, etc. Sometimes it’s finding a mentor, volunteering your services, etc. Occupy the role before you actually have it. This will help you see if it’s something you really want to pivot into.

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