How to make Better Decisions and be more Confident

How to make Better Decisions and be more Confident with Kate Crocco

Decision making can be tough, especially for business, and if you lack confidence in yourself, you'll lack confidence in your decisions too. In this episode, I'm excited to talk with psychotherapist and confidence coach Kate Crocco on how you can build a success mindset, grow your confidence in yourself, and better your decision making process.


As a teenager and into college, Kate really struggled with her confidence. She went to college knowing she wanted to help people, and got her Master’s in Social Work. While in the classroom, Kate began her journey working with mental health when she started going to therapy to heal her own confidence and eating issues. She was working as a social worker in hospitals and agencies after grad school, but realized the most fulfilling part of the job for her was the 1 to 1 work she was doing with individuals.

Kate decided to open her own therapy practice, and within a few months was able to match her salary from the agency and leave her 9 to 5. She ultimately shifted to become a confidence and mindset coach, because she knew that she could help people not only with therapy but through her story and what has worked for her.


A success mindset is built on resiliency - being able to bounce back when things go wrong or when things don’t go your way. That’s the difference in the people we see as successful and the people who fail. You have to have the ability to bounce back after every struggle. Having a success mindset is being able to remind yourself that if you can just keep going you’ll achieve whatever it is that you want.

When you’re really down at the bottom, typically your breakthrough is coming.


At first it’s just evaluating how you handle decision making and being able to acknowledge that. For some people that’s avoidance. Others will go and make decisions based off of what everyone else is telling them. Some will make decisions based off of scarcity. And then some will make decision through impulse and what feels comfortable right now.

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In order to make your best decision, you have to stick to the facts. Take a bird’s eye view of what you want and what you have to make a decision on. Try this exercise. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half and then fold it in half again. Open it up so you can see the 4 rectangles on the paper. In the top left, write “Pros of doing". In the top right box, write “Cons of doing”. For the bottom left write “Pros of not doing”. Lastly, in the bottom right, put “Cons of not doing.” When we make decisions, we usually only look at the pros and cons of one side. So fill out each of these squares and then pay attention to the one that really stands out to you.

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