Enneagram Part 2: How your Type affects your Business and Relationships

Enneagram Part 2: How your Type affects your Business and Relationships with Kristy Fountain

In this second part of our 2-part Enneagram series, I'm chatting with Enneagram coach Kristy Fountain again as we dive deeper into Enneagram types and how knowing yours can help you build a better business, create a positive communication style, and positively impact your relationships.


Kristy has 10 years of experience in studying the Enneagram and is an Enneagram and Psychology based instructor and coach. Before it go really popular, Kristy and her best friend were wishing everyone knew about it, so they started their podcast God Bless the Enneagram.

She had just completed her Bachelors of Science in Psychology and was actually the distinguished student for PhD level social and personality psychology research at her university, because she was passionate about personality types, the psychology behind them and why we do what we do, which fueled her passion for the Enneagram. It was that passion that drove her to get accredited by Integrative Enneagram to administer their Enneagram test, which Kristy says is the best and most accurate way to find out your type.


There’s no way situation in business or in knowing your clients where knowing your Enneagram number doesn’t help out. You can use your Enneagram information to hone in on your strengths and challenges, and by seeing which parts of your type you resonate the most with, you can see where to put the efforts in your business that feel like less effort to you. For example, if you know you rely too much on what of your wings, but the other is underdeveloped then you know that’s where some of your challenges are going to lie in your business.

If you have goals that you don’t yet have the skills for, the Enneagram shows you those challenges.

There are 3 big ways that the Enneagram makes a difference in your business. The first is that having a business is a social experience. You have to deal with all kinds of people and people have different strengths, weaknesses, motivations, temptations, etc. Knowing your own type and how you react and respond to situations helps you to take on the necessary traits in any given situation when you’re dealing with and communicating with other people.

The second way that it helps is because you can start to recognize your own blindspots (those parts of your personality that are inherently there but that you don’t ever naturally notice). Your blindspots hold you back because they’re more subconscious and you aren’t usually as aware of them. Once you realize that you have these tendencies, you can start to learn how to balance those, which helps you with interacting with other people.

The final way that it matters in business is because it’s a deeply personal journey that you’re on, and most of the time your motivation for doing something is not a motivation that other people have. Your way of going about business may not look the same as someone else’s. This helps you to remember that what works for you isn’t going to necessarily work for other people, which is crucial when it comes to any kind of relationship, but especially a business-related one.

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It’s very much the same as the way it applies to your business. Knowing your type creates a self-awareness of your personality patterns, helps you to release those old patterns when they’re not working for you, and improving your communication and knowledge that what works for you may not work for other people. Based on your strengths and weaknesses, you can get a better understanding of your goals in both your business and your relationships if you understand yourself more deeply.

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