5 Easy Steps that will help Grow your Pinterest fast

5 Easy Steps that will help Grow your Pinterest fast with Hayley Luckadoo

Pinterest is such an incredible marketing platform to use for your business. It’s the #1 driver of traffic to my website, and my favorite platform to use! You have to treat Pinterest like the search engine that it is, instead of a social media platform, but with the right strategies and a few quick efforts, you’ll be able to grow your Pinterest traffic, and turn that traffic into website traffic and more clients. In this episode, I’m giving you 5 super easy and very quick steps that you can take that will start growing your Pinterest account and getting you more viewers quickly.

Pinterest is the #1 driver of traffic to my website.


Your boards on Pinterest are essentially categories that you’re putting your pins into. These should be super relevant to your industry and the work that you do. For example if you’re a wedding photographer, you may have boards to show off your couples’ sessions, weddings, newborn sessions, and even outfit inspiration, but you wouldn’t want boards about recipes or home decor. Keep the boards themselves and the pins in each board as relevant as possible and make your personal boards secret.

Create a lot of boards! So often I see accounts that are great and are pinning a ton of content but they only have 3 or 4 boards. This doesn’t benefit you. Break down your categories to give you plenty (I’d aim for at least 20!) of boards to work with and pin the relevant content to each board.


This is your chance to get creative and also show off your brand. Make sure your board covers are square in dimension and create them in programs like Canva or InDesign, or even have a graphic designer whip up a few for you. They don’t have to be extravagant - a simple color background with the title of the board written on it will do. Just make sure the colors, fonts, style, etc. match your business branding and are all cohesive and uniform. This will give your boards a better-looking and more professional feel instead of seeming like someone’s personal profile.


This is a big one! You should have a board description for every single board. Make it a lengthy paragraph, with complete sentences, good grammar and spelling, and proper punctuation. You’ll want to write a quick read about what types of pins are on the board and why they’re relevant to what the viewer is looking for.

This is also the perfect place for keywords and phrases. Use keywords throughout the paragraph that are relevant to your industry. Try to use terms that you know viewers are searching for. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine not a social media platform, so it uses SEO the same way Google does, which means you can’t just post pretty content with hashtags like on Instagram. For example, “wedding photography,” “the couple,” “wedding party,” and “reception” are all excellent keywords to use in your description if your board is about wedding photography, because we know these are popular, searchable terms that the Pinterest algorithm will easily recognize.

Always try to be aware that you aren’t “keyword stuffing.” This means that you’re throwing in as many keywords or phrases as possible with no real regard to complete sentences or if it even makes sense when you read it. Pinterest will penalize you for keyword stuffing, so try not to go overboard. Just use an appropriate amount of your most valuable keywords to let Pinterest and your viewers know what you and your board are all about.


This is a quick and easy one. Take a good look at your bio section. Sure, it only gives you so many characters to work with, but you need to make sure your bio says exactly what you do and who you do it for. Your viewers shouldn’t be left guessing. Try to end it by pointing to something specific on your website (which should be linked!) that will make viewers want to click over. A freebie, a quiz, mention of your packages, etc. are all great options to point out.

Double check that your website is listed appropriately, your name says exactly who you are (whether it’s your name or your business), and that your profile picture is a clean, recognizable image of you, your team, or your company logo.


This one may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many people miss this one! You have to pin consistently and with intention. You can have the most beautiful Pinterest profile ever, but if you’re only pinning 2 pins a month, you shouldn’t be wondering why you aren’t driving any traffic to your site, because it’s painfully obvious why you’re not. The more you can pin the better, but at least make sure you’re pinning a handful of pins each week, or even better, a few pins each day.

Try sitting down at the beginning of each month and scheduling out your pins for that month, either directly on Pinterest or using Tailwind, which gives you your best times to pin. Scheduling them out will make it easier to manage and keep your pinning consistent.


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