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In an effort to make sure that you're always getting the best of the best in business advice, resources, and life, I occasionally bring in a guest blogger who's an expert in their field to give you some content that they're super passionate about. So keep reading for such amazing advice from Tayler with Sourced Co. on getting an efficient content creation process!

Not too long ago, the people who talked about content were pretty much limited to magazine editors and ad agencies. Nowadays? Content is the cornerstone of marketing in the digital age for large and small businesses alike.

And, while blogging and posting on social media is the obvious (and free) first step for creative business owners and wedding professionals around the world, it can be a drain on one of the most precious of resources: time.

So today, I wanted to share 3 easy ways to speed up your content creation process. Read on for the tips, tricks, and hacks that’ll have you saving time and creating content like it’s been your job forever!

3 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Content Creation Process

Actually Make a Plan

Unless your title is “Social Media Manager” or “Content Director,” chances are you have a million and one other things you are trying to accomplish for your business. And, while there are definitely responsibilities that take precedence over writing that blog post, if you don’t make a plan, put it on your calendar, and hold yourself accountable to it, your content responsibilities will always get pushed “to tomorrow.”

So, what’s the first step in making a plan? Answering a few simple questions:

  • Who am I creating content for (who am I trying to reach)?

  • What are my immediate goals for creating content (for example, getting someone to follow you on social media, sign up for your email list or inquire about your services)?

  • What are my long term goals for creating content (SEO, brand building, establishing yourself as an expert)?

Pro-tip: Create content categories for yourself to help organize your plan. You can work on creating similar types of content in batches when your mind is in the right space to crank.

So much of what makes content creation a time-suck is going at it without a plan of attack. Once you’ve mapped out a plan for yourself, you’ll find it takes you less time to get started and get finished.

Image Provided by Sourced Co.

Image Provided by Sourced Co.

Create a Toolbox of Resources

The other thing that can slow you down is not having any tools in your toolbox. Like everything else in business, there are people and things that you can pull out when you need them. I am assuming that you all have at least a couple programs or consultants that you throw the Bat signal out for when you are in a crunch – do the same with your content creation!

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Some of the best investments you can make in this space are in:

1. A copywriter for those times when you have major writer’s block or something else comes up that you know is going to keep you from writing it yourself (I have an amazing copywriter on speed dial and she is a lifesaver sometimes!)

2. A styled stock photography subscription or go-to shop for beautiful images when you can’t find what you need in your portfolio or are just going for a different look.

3. A consultant to help you strategize when you are in a rut or need to up your game with things like content marketing and SEO.

Other things I love for after you have created the content? A virtual assistant to help with scheduling and/or a scheduling app like Later.

Image Provided by Sourced Co.

Image Provided by Sourced Co.

Develop a Way to Make Writing Faster

Of all the things that content creation includes, the writing is what takes the most time and (maybe) is what freaks people out the most. But, there are things you can do to not only minimize the stress but also save that precious time of yours!

Here are some of the tactics I employ on the daily to make writing go faster for myself.

1. Outlines - Rarely (or never) do I sit down and just write a Pulitzer Prize winner of an article. My process always starts with making a plan for the article (heyo, “Actually Make a Plan” section!) which includes an outline. I jot down any talking points that come to mind for the introduction, I outline my main points and what I’d like to say under each, and am sure to put down what my main CTA or call to action is. Even if I’m not writing out the full article right then, I’ve set myself up to crank on it in the future.

2. Formulas - If you are someone who writes slowly, hiring a copywriter to help you develop formulas is a great way to speed things up. I learned this from that amazing copywriter I have on speed dial, and over the years, it has helped me become a much faster writer. What do I mean by formulas? Having a word bank of transitional phrases or knowing how many sentences you should put in a certain type of paragraph or even a legit template are all great resources to have on hand.

In the end, speeding up your content creation process is about planning, resources, and practice. And, while everyone ends up with a different process, establishing one for yourself is the best thing you can do!

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A little more about Tayler and Sourced Co.:

Tayler is a marketing consultant for wedding professionals and the Co-Founder of Sourced Co. She's a lady with ideas and loves nothing more than figuring out a way to make stuff happen. When she's not working, she's likely speeding up the coast on her road bike or in a political debate with someone.

Started around a table with friends and a brownie to share, Sourced Co. was founded in 2018 by an experienced team of wedding professionals who decided to flip the script on stock photography. We are a team of women who thinks the beautiful images wedding and creative pros need to build their businesses and help spark conversation with their ideal clients should be easy to get, work seamlessly beside their portfolio, and not break the bank.

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