How to Create a Content Creation Process that works

How to Create a Content Creation Process that works

Tayler Cusick is a dear friend of mine and we've been cheering for each other's accomplishments for a while now. She works with quite a few reputable companies, but just started her own stock photography company, Sourced Co., and let me tell you, Tayler is the queen of content creation.

She recently wrote a guest blog for us on 3 tips to speed up your content creation process, which was an awesome resources, but she's diving into those tips a little more on the podcast, and explaining exactly what content creation means, and how stock photography might benefit your process.


As Tayler puts it, her story was "more like a jungle gym instead of climbing up the typical corporate ladder." She originally wanted to teach, and ended up running at after school program, which was her first introduction to the marketing world. She got her break into the wedding industry when she began working for a floral company, and eventually started Taylrd Media & Designs, which she still runs today. She now also works as the Editor-in-Chief at Aisle Planner, and after telling some trusted industry friends about the lack of stock photography available specifically for wedding professionals, she and those 3 friends started Sourced Co. together, the first stock photography company that gives wedding professionals specifically the content they need that can compare to their portfolio.


Content is any copy (meaning text and words) or visuals (photos or graphics) that you are creating in order to build your brand or market your business. Content doesn't necessarily have to be "sales-y" and things like your social media content - Instagram feed, pins on Pinterest, Facebook posts - and blog posts are all what we mean when we refer to content.


Step 1: Make a plan. Doing things on the fly is not a strategy. Write out a calendar for when you plan to post each piece of content, and add bullet points of the ideas you had for that piece of content so that you can easily write it out later.

Step 2: Find a copywriter that you can lean on every once in a while when you don't have the time to write the content.

Step 3: Get a consultant that can help you to come up with a strategy and the ideas for your content creation.

Step 4: Invest a little time and money to learn to shoot some of your own imagery, so that you can grab flat lays and other simple ideas you have without having to hire a photographer.

Step 5: The writing is the most important part. Just write an outline of what you want to talk about and build on it from there.

"Relieve yourself of the pressure to be perfect right out of the gate."

Bonus: Use formulas to help you with the writing. If you have a set outline for your posts, they'll be much easier to write and won't require as much thought. For example, if you need a certain intro, then the main thought, then a concluding statement.

Step 6: Schedule it out! Consider hiring a virtual assistant to help you with scheduling out your content distribution.


You can use stock photography everywhere! Instagram feeds, blogs, social media, mood boards, websites, templates and documents, etc. You can find stock photography graphics and find photos that accent different textures and layouts. Finding something that doesn't stick out next to your portfolio is the key to good stock photography. Stock photos are perfect for marketing and advertising, since they typically have the white space available for the text that you need. Using photos that are meant for marketing can help speed up your process even more, especially if you choose to use a program like Canva to add in your text, other graphics, etc.

Isn't Tayler awesome? I think she could talk about creating content for days and using her tips should help you build a process that saves you time and energy, while still producing the content you need in your business.


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