The 8 Best Tools To Stay Organized In Your Business


When you're a business owner, staying organized is a huge key to being successful. But staying organized, especially went life gets crazy, is HARD.

It's impossible to have streamlined processes in your business and manage your clients with ease if you don't have the right tools to organize your business.

That's why I'm super excited to share a list of my favorite business tools with you! These tools will help you get organized quickly, streamline your process, and make running your business so much easier.

The 8 Best Tools To Stay Organized In Your Business

P.S. Some of them are free tools and some of them are paid, but nothing on this list is super expensive, and this post isn't sponsored or affiliated with any of these tools - I just really stand by them!


#1. The Start Planner

I'm definitely a paper planner kind of person. While digital calendars can work well too, writing things down definitely helps you remember things, and the Start Planner is the absolutely best for not only keeping up with your schedule, but for planning out your goals, your budget, your bills, and so much more.


#2. Trello

If you want an easy and customizable way to keep track of everything, you need Trello. You can create boards and cards to keep all your biz stuff in check, and easily keep up with your to-do list, posting schedules, etc. You can set it up a million different ways, so you can completely customize it to your business.


#3. Aisle Planner

If you read my blog regularly, then you probably read my previous post about Aisle Planner, and how much I love it. If you didn't, you should check it out for more detail, but Aisle Planner makes my entire onboarding process incredibly easy. Even though it was technically built for wedding planners, I use it to handle my contracts, invoicing, brand design, to-do lists, and to keep track of my clients and their necessary information.

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#4. Canva

If you have to do any level of graphic design in your business, even if it's just creating cute quotes for your Instagram, Canva is the best tool to make it happen. It's free and the sky is the limit for what you can create. You can start from scratch and upload your own photos and graphics, or choose from templates, photos, and icons that they have available.


#5. UNUM

If you use Instagram (and, I mean, who doesn't?) then you should be posting smarter not harder! UNUM makes that easy, by allowing you to plan out your posts well in advance. You can plan out captions and hashtags too, and it's simple to drag and drop posts into a new order. Best of all, it's free!


#6. Haute Stock

I use a lot of stock photography in my biz, and it's so easy to find stock photos that perfectly fit your brand with Haute Stock. They have thousands of photos to choose from, and put out new collections every week. You can easily collate the perfect social media feeds, or use them on blog posts and your website.


#7. Zoom

Zoom is awesome, simple as that. Similar to Skype or Facetime, Zoom is a video-conferencing tool that is wonderful if you ever do video-hosted chats with your clients or just want to have virtual coffee with an industry friend. There's no special software to buy, and there is a free option, plus you can share your screen or record the chat.


#8. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a marketing campaign software that's perfect if you have an email subscriber list, want to send newsletters to clients or potential clients, or need a customized landing page. It's super customizable (with plenty of drag and drop templates to build off of), integrates with almost everything, and is free up until your first 2,000 subscribers.


If you want more tools and resources for organization, productivity, marketing, and more, then you'll definitely want to grab my completely free Biz Tool Kit (this is the exact tool kit I use to run my business!)


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