"Believe in your ability more than you believe in your excuse."


Taking risks is all about your "what if's." You ask yourself "what if I could do this" or "what if I had that." That's enough of the what if mindset.

It's time to start asking yourself "why not." Why not you? Why not this? Why not now?

Every single thing you do every day is a risk, because you have no idea how it's actually going to turn out. We spend every day taking the risks we're accustomed to, like driving a car, because we know it's a necessity.

If you have a dream that you can't stop thinking about, then it is a necessity for you life.

Start treating your dreams like they're a necessity. Start looking at the big, scary risks the same way you look at the risks you're familiar with taking every day. If you're willing to drive a car, to travel to unknown places, to let new people into your life, then you have to be willing to take the risk that's going to actually help you achieve your dreams.

I’ve created this workbook that you can use each week and each month to help you identify those smaller risks that you're taking every day and the fears that are keeping you from taking others. If you can identify the fear, you can find ways to overcome it, and then you can get comfortable with taking those daily risks, so that you can work toward the bigger one to get you where you want to go!

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