Instagram Stories Highlight Icons

Instagram Stories Highlight Icons


Just here for the highlight reel:

💕 17 ready-to-use icon covers to choose from

💕 All icons come in 6 different colors - mix and match as you’d like

💕 Add your own text or filters to make them your own

Give me #allthedetails:

Instagram Stories is a huge thing right now, and I know you were just as excited as I was when you found out that you could highlight certain stories on your feed now. So don’t just throw some highlights on there and call it a day. Use these perfectly curated (and adorable) icons to give everything a cohesive look.

With 17 icons to choose from in 6 different colors (102 total graphics in pink, blue, green, purple, peach, and gray), you have plenty of options for everything you might need. They’re completely done and ready to upload, but you can always add filters or text to make them your own if you’d like.

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